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We often hear horror stories about web designers unethical practices. Be careful of designers out there looking to swindle you out of your DOMAIN name ownership and other slick, sneaky schemes being played out there in the web design field.

I speak of situations where the purchase of your domain name (URL) is secured by the web design company but never released to the rightful owner, YOU! Believe it or not, we've seen this done before. You pay top dollar for a really nicely designed website and come to find out, all the registration information is safely within the same web design company profile. What this means is that in the event you decide to make any edits or updates to your site, you try and look under the hood to make some changes to your site and little behold, you cannot login! This happens sometimes unknowingly because the design firm responsible for creating all the initial accounts for your domain & host, fails to switch everything over to the customers own account.


The best practice which is the same process we undertake, is to purchase & register every profile under the customers own name from the get go. This way you never have to worry about who owns the domain name, who it's registered under and you can login to website and make changes whenever you feel the need to.


Call us today to setup a consultation and meet to discuss your ideal website to help boost your sales and be made available to all your clients around the world at the touch of some keystrokes!

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